Testimonial Star Rating - 1509739
by Dennis M. - 7/14/2018
I have had Sellhorst as a security company for almost 4 years now. There is not enough time, space or words for me to express how satisfied I am with this company. In every respect, from Cox screwing up an install and blaming Sellhorst to my own neglect in remembering how to work a system, this excellent, patient and knowledgeable team has risen to the occasion. They have answered my phone calls on the weekends to help me get a system working. The entire team from Steve, to Kim (bless that wonderful woman who is always willing and ready to assist) to Mike and the others. Some customers may distrust them, as I have read, but until I built my new home and had Sellhorst as the preferred security from the builder, I have had nothing but positive results to build my trust. If people don't want to take my experience as a vote of trust, so be it - but if you want a reliable, great price and great people then this is the best it gets!!!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1463361
by Jessie Hobbs - 3/12/2018
Highly recommended, great service at a fair price.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1463363
by Sean Swanson - 3/12/2018
Great people. Great customer service.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1509736
by Pete T. - 1/21/2016
I built a home this year and Mike at Sellhorst was the best experience in my home buying experience. From the security, sound, to customer service Sellhorst was the most enjoyable experience of the whole thing. These guys are great check them out; ask for Mike he is the man!
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